The old olive tree and olive Groves

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The Old Olive Tree, a symbol of the city of Bar, is the oldest tree in Europe – it has been there for over 2,000 years. It grows in the place Mirovica on the fifth kilometre from the city of Bar to Ulcinj. This natural monument is older than any written monument about the city of Bar and its inhabitants. The Old Olive Tree in Mirovica is a natural monument protected by the law in 1963. It is over 2,000 years old and is considered to be the oldest tree in Europe. Its circumference is 10 m. The legend says that feuding families would come to the Old Olive Tree and this is where they would make peace.

There is also a traditional Pilgrimage in Honour of the Old Olive Tree. This is the event that has been held for years. Below the natural, historical and cultural monument ethno-performances are organized in which actors, opera singers and ensembles take part. Another Dionysian celebration in honour of olive tree is celebration organized every year in December under the walls of the Old Bar and it is called “Maslinijada”. It starts with festive program, stands with the stars of the city of Bar: olives, famous olive oil of Bar, tangerines and oranges. Celebration lasts until dawn, accompanied with songs and wine at taverns and restaurants.

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